About Us

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Walk by Faith

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than walk by faith. This blog is about walking by faith – following God even when the odds are against you. From personal testimonies to helpful advice, walking by faith has something for everyone.

Our Ethos

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We believe God’s love saves us

We believe that God’s love saves us. When we accept Jesus into our lives, we are given a new set of instructions for how to live. We are then sent into the world to share this love. Whether we are interacting with a person who is struggling or just needing a listening ear, we believe that God’s love will save us and help us to change and grow in the most important way – spiritually.

We believe fear cannot overcome faith

Faith is a powerful thing. It can motivate us to do the impossible and give us hope in the face of difficult times. It’s what has enabled people to stand up to adversity and persevere against all odds. That’s why we believe that faith can overcome fear. With this blog, we’ll explore the power of faith in the face of fear and how it can help us overcome obstacles. 

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We believe because He lives

We believe because God lives. He is the one who created the world, and He loves us. He has a plan for our lives and wants to bring us into His perfect kingdom. This blog’ll explore different aspects of God’s love and plan for our lives. We hope that by learning about Him, you’ll find hope and redemption in your darkest times.

Our Team

Glen Newman

About Us Glen Newman

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Hi, I’m a talented Bible writer and teacher with a passion for changing lives through the power of God’s Word. As a teenager, I discovered a love for writing and have dedicated myself to sharing Christ’s transformative message with others.

With a deep understanding of the Bible and a flair for making complex ideas accessible, I am a speaker and mentor, helping people from all walks of life grow closer to God and experience the transformative power of His love. Whether through writing or through teaching, I am committed to helping others deepen their faith and find hope and healing in the message of the Bible.

David Paxton

David Paxton

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david @ourhealingbibleverses.com

Hi, I am a highly respected Bible Prophecy Teacher and a leading voice in the faith community. I have lived in New York City for over a decade and have been a Life School teacher since 2010. The teachings of the prophetic messages of the Bible have captivated audiences both in person and online, and my teachings reach thousands through live broadcasts. webcasts every month.

With a gift for making complex biblical concepts accessible, my teachings have inspired people to live their faith more fully and actively share messages of hope and redemption with others. Through his writings and teaching, David’s passion for spreading God’s word was evident in everything he did.

Dean Bouzeos

Dean Bouzeos

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Hello, I’m a Bible teacher, leader, and pastor with a passion for sharing God’s word. I served as Chairman of the Pastors Council at Willow Park Church, where I was instrumental in founding two churches and pastoring a local church. Dean is known for his ability to connect with people from all walks of life and make complex biblical concepts accessible and relatable.

With a deep understanding of the scriptures, I have dedicated myself to helping people deepen their faith and find comfort and peace in God’s word. The teachings are inspiring, thought-provoking, and deeply rooted in Bible truth. Through leadership and guidance, I have helped countless people find hope and healing in facing life’s challenges.

On a personal level, I am happily married to Julie and proud to be the father of two children, Brandie and Chad. I am a loving and devoted husband and father, and family is a great source of joy and inspiration to me. Whether through his teaching, writing, or leadership, I am committed to helping people deepen their faith and find hope and healing in the message of the Bible.